About EPDM Liquid Rubber Coatings & Sealants

EPDM is the acronym for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. Liquid Rubber coatings and sealants made with EPDM are easy-to-use and proven to be extremely durable over long periods.

The benefits of EPDM Liquid Rubber for building repair, sealing plant and equipment, and repairing recreational vehicles have already been enjoyed in North America. As the sole Europe distributor, we promote EPDM Liquid Rubber coatings and sealants, and all the benefits they bring for a wide range of industrial, commercial and DIY applications, in Europe*.

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If you or your customer wants a superior, waterproof, long-lasting, easily applied coating that works on many different substrates, EPDM Liquid Rubber coatings and sealants are for you. 

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More on EPDM rubber roof sealants and coatings

As well as being easy to apply by brush, roller or squeegee, the properties of EPDM Liquid Rubber include these

  • Water resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Resistance to temperature extremes
  • Resistance to chemical attack
  • Excellent surface tolerance 

Water Resistance – EPDM Liquid Rubber coatings waterproof better than epoxies, urethanes, acrylics, polyesters and alkyds. They also withstand ponding and continuous immersion in water. This makes them ideal for repairing and refurbishing flat roofs. 

UV Resistance – EPDM’s to ultraviolet light means it stays flexible longer and ages best of all elastomers. It outperforms alkyds and epoxies and equals (or betters) the performance of acrylics, polyesters and urethanes. 

Resistance to temperature extremes – EPDM outperforms other coating polymers by withstanding temperatures from -52 °C (-62 °F) to 150 °C (302 °F). 

Resistance to chemical attack – EPDM is excellent at resisting attack by strong alkalis, concentrated salt solutions, many acids, alcohols and polar solvents such as ketones. 

IMORTANT: when specifying sealants and coatings for your project, please note that liquid EPDM does not offer good resistance to oils, fats, waxes and hydrocarbon solvents. 

Surface tolerance – You can apply EPDM coatings directly to a wide range of surfaces (including corroded metal) without the time and cost of applying primer. Liquid EPDM also bonds to surfaces with oil or wax residues. Please visit our How to Apply Liquid Rubber page to learn more... 

EPDM applications in building repair

If you’ve been disappointed by the results with traditional ‘advanced’ coatings and sealants, we’re sure EPDM Liquid Rubber will rebuild your confidence and delight your customers. 

When access is difficult and costly, EPDM Liquid Rubber coatings and sealants are the key to doing a job once, getting it right and avoiding profit-eroding call backs. Naturally, every container of EPDM Liquid Rubber also comes with our experience, advice and professional tips – before, during and after your project.

Here are a few of the many specialist applications for liquid EPDM coatings and sealants:

Roofs – EPDM Liquid Rubber roof coatings work well on metal, rubber or thermoplastic membrane, fibreglass, urethane foam, cement tile and plywood roofing.

Metal siding – you can apply one coat of liquid EPDM with minimal surface preparation on steel buildings. 

Concrete tanks – the appeal of liquid EPDM starts with its immediate waterproofing (from the moment you apply it). It also helps prevent or reduce spalling of concrete in extremely cold weather. 

Corrosive or humid environments – with EPDM Liquid Rubber and minimal preparation you can protect exposed structural steel inside industrial buildings in humid or corrosive environments such as these:

  • Plating operations
  • Smelters
  • Concrete casting
  • Dye works
  • Paper mills 

Liquid EPDM also protects steel from the corrosive effects of animal waste in high-density poultry and livestock farming operations. 

Impoundments – the weathering and chemical resistance properties of liquid EPDM are perfect for for exterior spill containment structures. 

Ornamental Ponds and fountainsroof coatings, industrial and other building maintenance are three areas where EPDM Liquid Rubber excels. Landscaping is the same, with concrete fish ponds, fountains and reflecting pools taking advantage of EPDM’s durability and other performance advantages.

Not just for building repair

Liquid EPDM applications extend far beyond building maintenance. See our Caravan, Motorhome and RV page to discover how Liquid Roof helps DIY and professional vehicle repairers seal leaks and restore vehicle roofs to near-showroom condition. And of course, for landscaping projects, EPDM Liquid rubber is used extensively for lining new ponds and repairing old pond liners. 

EPDM Liquid Rubber and you

The sooner you contact us the sooner EPDM Liquid Rubber could be repairing and waterproofing your structure or vehicle – or helping your contracting business make more money.

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