EPDM Liquid Rubber for Caravan, RV and Motorhome Roof Repairs

When a caravan, recreational vehicle (RV) or motorhome roof leaks, one thing’s certain: it’s going to be frustrating, time consuming and expensive for the owner. Even though leaks appear minor, who knows what damage is happening under the vehicle skin – or the consequences if the leak isn’t repaired… 

That’s when the highest quality, easily applied, longest-lasting roof repair is needed to restore the vehicle’s weatherproofing. As a bonus, DIY or professionally applied repairs with EPDM Liquid Roof can often restore vehicle roofs to near-showroom condition.

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As sole Europe distributors of Liquid Roof liquid EPDM (the only true liquid EPDM in the world), we help when the owners or professional repairers of caravans, RVs and motorhomes need the reassurance of a great-looking right-first-time repair. 

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More about liquid EPDM for motorhome and caravan roof repairs

Whether you’re a professional vehicle repairer or a DIY enthusiast, you can apply EPDM Liquid Roof quickly and easily in one coat using a brush or roller. Motorhome, caravan and RV owners are amazed how such a simple product gives such good weatherproofing and looks so good. Here’s the ‘secret’: 

  • It’s a premium-quality professional product.
  • It’s proven for decades in North America, the UK and Europe.
  • Fast, one-coat application saves time.
  • It’s instantly waterproof – even if it rains just after you’ve finished.
  • Long pot-life takes the stress out of application.
  • It’s self-smoothing and looks great immediately.
  • Liquid Roof is long-lasting and retains its flexibility.
  • It has excellent UV and ozone resistance.
  • It handles extreme temperatures of -50 °C to +175 °C (-58 °F to 347 °F).
  • There’s a reassuring 5-year warranty. 

Already proven in North America, the UK and Europe

Liquid Roof is a high-performance coating that’s already repaired thousands of vehicle roofs in North America – and consistently outlasted materials such as acrylics, elastomeric and urethanes. Now we’re the sole distributor for Liquid Roof in Europe, UK customers are giving it great reviews. 

Amazing results

As well as looking great and having proven durability, Liquid Roof is versatile and works on metal, rubber, GRP, timber, fabric or foam roofs on caravans, RVs and motorhomes. It isn’t the cheapest product, but we can make a strong case for it being the best for sealing cracks, instantly waterproofing vehicle roofs and withstanding the most extreme temperatures.

Localised repairs or whole roofs

EPDM makes it possible for caravan, RV or motorhome repairers to seal and waterproof a complete roof, or repair localised areas. We even sell special roof repair kits with all the necessary materials and accessories.

Whether you’re a keen DIYer, a professional vehicle repairer or a potential Liquid Roof stockist, the sooner you contact us the sooner Liquid Roof could save you time and make money – by prolonging the life of someone’s caravan, motorhome or RV motorhome roof or giving you a valuable new revenue stream as a stockist.

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